Rumy Explode View
Technical Specifications

76mm (diameter) x 12mm (thickness)

Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy

Screw mount or double sided tape
Table top


Coin cell battery (CR2032) with lifetime of 2+ years
Low battery warning both on display and phone/email notification
Easy battery replacemnt

Always-on display showing temperature and target temperature

Setup and Configuration
Easy setup using PC with our website
iOS or Android app

Uses smart phone as hub
Will work with existing smart hubs in the near future once they enable BLE or Thread support

Free over-the-air firmware upgrades

Compatible Devices
No hub required:
  • Nest*
  • iLumi

Connects through a hub or smart devices (phone/tablet):
  • Lifx
  • Nest*
  • Philips Hue
  • Ecobee
  • Honeywell Lyric
Newer compatible devices will be added continuously

* Direct Nest support will be added when nest rolls out their weave
support (scheduled in 2016). Until then, it will connect through a hub/smart device.

System Requirement
Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0
iPhone 5 or higher

Operating mode
Priority mode: The most recent Rumy or thermostat you change will become the active one. When you move from room to room, just set the Rumy or thermostat in that room for it to take control. Other Rumys will go dormant until you reactivate one. This is perfect for one or two people living in a house.

Average mode: All Rumys will be active and the thermostat will take the average of them all. This is more suitable for houses with more than two residents.