Frequently Asked Questions

We are working towards shipping the first Rumys by the end of Summer 2016.
Update:We are experiencing delay in production. We are estimating shipping by fall 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Rumy does not require an internet connection to talk to devices which have support for local/LAN control (such as LIFX) but it does use an internet connection to talk to devices which only support cloud control (such as Nest). We plan to add support for local control of devices as manufacturers update their devices to support local control.

We fully support the growing trend for IoT devices to stop relying on internet connectivity and we encourage other manufacturers to do the same.
Rumy uses Bluetooth LE and will therefore work with Android 4.3 and above, and with iPhone 5 and above.
At this point we are only accepting USD. Please send us an email if you needed to use another currency.
We have a full one year manufacturer warranty for any defects. We also have a 30 day return policy in case you decide Rumy isn't right for you.
There is not and will never be a monthly fee for using Rumy. Our app will be available for free download from Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store.
Rumy can help you avoid over-heating or over-cooling rooms you aren't currently in. Needless heating and cooling in average homes currently accounts for a lot of wasted energy, but it doesn't have to be so, and Rumy can help.

The average home size in the US is 2500 sqft and the size of an average room is 250 sqft. About 60% of homes have only 1 or 2 residents, inhabiting 2 rooms at most. If you place Rumy in your bedroom for the 7-8 hours you sleep for instance, Rumy will turn the A/C off when your room reaches the desired temperature, instead of waiting for the whole house too cool down. By reducing runtime during each cycle of heating/cooling, Rumy can help you reduce your utility bills. In fact we predict a payback time for one Rumy of under a year for the average home.
We plan to launch with Bluetooth Low Energy since it is currently supported by smart phones and is the closest of all next-generation IoT protocols to being supported by existing smart hubs (Smartthings V2, Wink, Nest, etc.). However, the hardware in Rumy is capable of both BLE and Thread and we plan to add support for Thread in the near future when existing smart hubs begin to enable it.

Rumy's hardware is also capable of Zigbee support, but at this time we are not working on support for any legacy technologies like Zigbee or Z-Wave.
Absolutely. We have two modes of operation when you have multiple Rumys.

Priority mode: The most recent Rumy or thermostat you change will become the active one. When you move from room to room, just set the Rumy or thermostat in that room for it to take control. Other Rumys will go dormant until you reactivate one. This is perfect for one or two people living in a house.

Average mode: All Rumys will be active and the thermostat will take the average of them all. This is more suitable for houses with more than two residents.
Absolutely. You can cancel your order for a full refund anytime before we ship Rumy. You can even return Rumy within 30 days of receiving it.
No. Rumy is an add-on for smart thermostats. If you have a wireless thermostat, you can use Rumy to enable remote sensing and controlling of the thermostat.
Yes and no. Your smart phone can be used to adjust the temperature on your thermostat but it can't be used as a remote temperature sensor for your thermostat.

The main deficiency that Rumy solves is that thermostats normally only sense the temperature in the room where the thermostat is actually installed. In some homes this can be acceptable, but in many homes this leads to suboptimal temperatures in the rooms you actually inhabit, and potentially unnecessary heating and cooling in case the rooms you commonly inhabit require less heating and cooling than the room in which your thermostat is installed.

With Rumy, you can not only adjust your thermostat more conveniently than with your phone, but Rumy will also act as the temperature sensor for your thermostat, resulting in a more comfortable temperature wherever you are.

In addition to solving this deficiency, we've also found that Rumy is much more convenient for adjusting the temperature than pulling out a smart phone, turning it on, unlocking it, opening a thermostat app, and finally adjusting the temperature. If you've owned a smart thermostat for a while, then perhaps you have already noticed how inconvenient this can feel after the initial excitement wears off. With a Rumy sitting on your bedside table or mounted on the wall next to your sofa, we bet you won't be pulling out your phone to adjust the temperature anymore unless you're actually away from home.

Don't take our word for it though - try Rumy yourself and if you don't love it then send it back for a full refund.