Internet of Things in Smart Homes: For Smaller Carbon Footprint

Feng shui is a chinese philosophical concept where disruption to nature is minimized. It's a harmony with the environment where pollution is lowered and there is a natural flow or closeness between humans and the surroundings. We can create this harmony by minimization and consuming only what we need. But does that mean that we have to sacrifice our comfort?

Not at all.

We only need to use our resources more efficiently and in smart ways. The inspiration towards a better world is what drove us more

Finishing 3D Printed Parts in 1 Simple Step

All hardware startups want to show off their production ready prototypes. Thanks to 3d printners; the process is much simpler now. Although the stringy surfaces leave something to desire, using some simple techniques, a 3d printed part can be finished to the final product quality.

We used a pretty old rusty Flashforge creator (1st gen) 3d printer that we bought off craigslist, second hand. The print quality was not the best that could be achieved. However, using good techniques we could get a nice finished look. It took us two hours to finish both the parts of Rumy. Total cost was about $25 to buy the sand paper (Lowes) and the polishing compound (Walmart). more